June 9th
9:00 AM

Things from GQ to laugh at… 1: The B-52

I’m gonna post a series of Gentleman’s Quarterly that I personally find hysterical. Starting with a little bathroom humor.

The B-52
A man with a shadowy identity, known only for the nuclear devices he detonates every day between 2:30 and 3:15 p.m., taking out lavatory services for the day.

Likely office identity: At lunchtime he’s the guy in the kitchen re-microwaving the Stouffer’s beef Stroganoff with extra lentils and a side of hard-boiled eggs.

How to deal with him: Know his schedule, get there before he does.

How to know if you are him: You can’t remember what you ate for lunch, but it sure seems like you had Chipotle.

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